My self sacrifice theory is simple.

If we shed light on the devil’s true identity then darkness will begin to lose it’s power.

Like lighting a torch in a dark cave the dark ages we face today are no different.

If we light the flare?

The darkness will become visible again therefore cutting out that 50 shades of grey and placing everything black and white again in terms of friend or foe.

Like the Bible even states, “I need you to be hot or cold, if you are Luke warm I will spit you out”.

The point is if you hate me as the Devil and God?

Then show yourself before me, stop hiding and attacking my people type of thing. ⁂

“His players don’t sit around telling hateful-affectionate stories about him.

Someone might say of him, as former Packers great Henry Jordan once said of Lombardi,

“He treats us all the same—like dogs,” 

― Ken Dryden, The Game
“She looks at his face, he reaches around her neck and pulls off the silver chain that holds the plastic football charm, fingering it.

He stares down at the charm, then finds her eyes and puts the charm around her neck.” 

― Miranda Kenneally, Catching Jordan
“Ya writin’ a book? Hey great. Need some help? Want some of my quips?

Hey, we could do it together. We’d quip ’em to death. Give ’em quiplash hee hee hee.” 

― Ken Dryden, The Game
“Yet, in fact, both were deeply sensitive and very much alike, Frank keeping everything inside, Pete letting it out, and steamrollering it before it could bother him.” 

― Ken Dryden, The Game
Both political wings are presently are wrong, take a sharper right.

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