Them: Lucifer may be our last choice but…

He has an open mind when he’s bored…

Totally like Ted, “We sing, he sings, we sing, he sings, “fair trade”. ⁂

“Now that we all have partners, all husbands should come pick up their

Pick up our project? Shrugging, I stand up and stretch my arms. Henry also stands.

“No way, dude,” I say. “I’m the man in this relationship.”

“Oh yeah, absolutely,” he says, grinning.

He sits back down as I walk to the closet to see this project, which turns out to be one of those fake
electronic babies.

Oh good God. Ms. Bonner hands me a fake baby boy.

The doll has these creepy glass eyes that look like they’re staring straight
into my soul.

I hold the doll out in front of me like it’s a flaming bag of poo and carry it back to Henry.

“Congratulations, Mommy,” I say, dropping the doll into his hands.

You could’ve told me I knocked you up.” 

― Miranda Kenneally, Catching Jordan
“He stares at you at all the time in class. He misses you too.” 

― Miranda Kenneally, Catching Jordan
“Don’t tell Mom and Dad about Ty,’ I warn Mike. ‘But they’ll be so glad to hear you aren’t gay!” 

― Miranda Kenneally, Catching Jordan
“I know I could never deserve you, but I can try to make it up to you?” 

― Miranda Kenneally, Catching Jordan

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