We have to accept people and situations as they are, it’s not racist when it’s a fact. “Special Effect”

Like when I consider some people as garbage and call them out as it because if I call them honey combs and sunshine?

Ain’t nothing gonna be done about it.

The difference is I do not want to remove anyone, I want people to reach out and help them in more creative ways as oppose to just God says or else, or whoever says or else.

I can say that for myself just fine, I do not need people’s help on that front.

I give them permission to call me whatever the hell they want aslong as the goals align.

Which is simple, greater personal peace for all at home and abroad.

If everyone has what they need and respect eachother?

Crime and Hate should drop drastically but that all begins with education first.

Read books, read people, watch shows, movies, games while going out and doing things at the same time while actually absorbing it all into you.

Dedicate a few years to it as if you were in university if you have a job taking up your time.

It’s gonna suck and be shitty on your “going out time” but at the end of the run you will be ahead in life instead of behind in many ways as financially is only a fraction of the battle in reality. ⁂

“As for the Wings, I wanted to tighten some already painfully tight screws, to force on them the kind of cruel question no one should have to answer:

Am I willing to go through what surely I must, for something I will surely never get?” 

― Ken Dryden, The Game

“Ofcourse, the fun is in trying just as much as in succeeding.

Since once we succeed?

We just create new fun.

Which goes back to one of my old teachings where the kid goes to the master asking, what is God?

Master says, God is one.

Kid comes back later saying I found God now what shall I seek?

Master says, God is Two go find another one.”
“For there is a life there, and in destiny and romance there is no room for life.

Painted as they are with broad brush strokes, vivid and lush, they find shape and pattern only with distance.

The person who lives with them is too close.

He feels sweat as well as triumph.

He understands what others see.” 

― Ken Dryden, The Game
The relationship between God and Lucifer is simple….

“Just doing my job like everyone else.”
“During the Olympics, the phrase “Own the Podium” had been a source of national debate and division.

Since the Olympics, it has become part of our daily language. “Own the Podium” is now part of how we think and part of who we are.

Sometimes you have to believe to see.

In those seventeen days in Vancouver, Canada’s athletes blew apart the last remnants of an old, crippling story.

It wasn’t their story, just as it’s not the story of Canadian writers and musicians, scientists, and all kinds of other people in many, many fields.

It’s not what they have experienced in their lives.

It is not their Canada.

These Olympic athletes won because winning was in them.

They won because it is in us.

In Vancouver, we discovered we are good.

Now it is time for us to be important too.” 

― Ken Dryden, Becoming Canada

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