England is pissed? They are just mad over one simple fact…

That as Cain I stole Diana’s Heart because She resembled my own Mother… “I Am Canadian 101”

So therefore I call for a meeting on the battlefield before we continue this engagement. ⁂

The only way I will personally join England is through marriage of they know who otherwise?

See above gif.
“These distressed boys were also more likely to act aggressively toward the baby—telling it to “shut up,” for instance.

Boys whose heart rate showed a lower stress level were more likely to comfort the infant.” 

― Dan Kindlon, Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys
England cannot afford war against Canada due to Brexit and I want a wife whome I admire so….

A meeting needs to happen before shit escalates further.

“The furor logic 101”

If we desire not to have another nazi incident I highly stress that we talk because I cannot stop myself otherwise, I am way passed hurt and rage.

I am onto determination to the point of elimination of self just to stop otherwise.
One book is a liar, two books is an applier of truth.

“2-Ply Tissue”

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