I always find myself turning back to reading books and watching shows plus movies, they are God’s true home.

Because they atleast get me enough to broadcast me properly. ⁂

Meanwhile 99% of my so called friends below broke my heart, which is God’s heart.
I gave them unconditional love and they gave me garbage as soon as I stopped “funding” them.
The Elite’s are God’s true children because they face persecution worse than life and death everyday like I do.

Now elite does not mean wealth, elite in reality is merely a state of mind obedient to God.
Revenge is a more beautiful word than money and there are many ways of accomplishing that without putting the actual word to use in the way majority think of it.
It’s all about making those suffer who made us suffer in other ways.
They were supposed to remember through books that I would come back as Jesus, that’s on them now.

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