It’s still just serfs and landlords basically.

From business owners to home owners to share holders to truth holders…

We all have a hold on something which follows that exact same hierarchal leadership system.

1-2 sometimes more bosses filtering down to plenty of workers, assistants plus promoters and what not.

This is where the illusion of society plays strong in the modern world because all society did as a whole?

Was just rename things and loosen the cuffs a little causing many to believe it as freedom and in which case it really is when we consider that the cuffs never ever come off in life above or below.

Since those above are tied to those below just as much as those below are tied to them.

Like God and Lucifer, without one there cannot be another and vice versa because why?

There would be no point in having the one then.

A King is only a King if he has servants and opposition otherwise he’s just a man. ⁂

“I grabbed his arm. “Wait. Why are you helping me?”

Melvil looked at me as if I were some alien being.

“I’m a librarian. We help people.” “Even after you’re dead?”

He shrugged. “You never stop being a librarian.” 

― Mark Cain, Hell’s Super
Time-travel is simple, wake up we never left the dark ages.

Like Jacob versing the Angel, he was knocked unconscious and everything that happened after was just a dream.
She has a point, those I love and respect or admire tend to receive more reciprocation from me in terms of listening to other people’s orders or advices.
“Has been live.” 

― Mark Cain, The Reluctant Demon

On a side note I did star in one mini series one time when I was 16 years old.

It was a CBC mini series called four minutes.

I was an extra standing at the finish line pointing, clapping and cheering the winning runner.

That was my one hit wonder moment.
“Christianity and Islam.”

“IC combined = d”

“Fine and Dandy”
It’s like the T.V is in charge while I am away.

There is a more combined effort behind it one could say.
“But this I do know.

The universe, mortality, immortality, life and afterlife are way beyond my ken.

All I know to do is be the best person I can, do the best I can do, and let the chips fall where they may.” 

― Mark Cain, Hell’s Super


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