Lucifer to me is just the God of Laziness.

I am just like, I could go out and do all this stuff or I will just act it out through social media instead.

One involves going out and doing stuff that I have no desire for, the other involves staying in and doing what I love.

Next to nothing.

A man and his computer, everything and nothing plus vice versa depending on perspective.

Like Dr. Who, without his Tardis?

He’s pretty fucking useless because the sonic screwdriver can only take him so far. ⁂

Like society does to people all the time, it leads them into depression and suicide because they place this expectation in everyones heads of what people “should be” when clearly not all people are like that.

That’s why I prefer my method where we just find out the type of person someone is and just give them whatever it is to make them happy within reason.

Like in my case, I enjoy staying in so I seek ways to make sure I am able to do that in which case things like basic income supplement come in handy because it just helps keep me out of the way.

That way others who actually want to go outside and work because they cannot sit around all day like I can have those opportunities more available because I won’t be in the same job line up as them.

I understand the government needs workers but they need good workers which instantly begins with people who actually want to work as opposed to those who don’t.

Life, it is what it is.
That’s one thing I am very good at, avoiding my past.

Since I dove into my historical past alongside other pasts but I basically skipped most of my own personal past on here because there are just some doors that I would prefer someone else to open for me.

I’ll unlock your demons if you unlock mine type of deal.
“A million people are simply a million social isolates, each one imprisoned within his or her own brain pan, in which a very private Hell plays out.” 

― Mark Cain, Hell’s Super

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