There is nothing wrong with being lazy…

If anything my laziness helps provide allot of work around me and abroad.

From these gifs/pics to the need for shows and internet plus games at home to the constant fast food I order which provides money for drivers and workers.

I pay for all of that just to sit at home and be lazy, not to mention it also increases ratings/traffic flow which equals more sponsorship on their end for them.

If anything I am giving way more to society than what I actually take back just by being lazy ole me.

Goes back into there is a balance in life and society needs to realize that if people aren’t home using these programs or playing the games people make plus watching the shows stars act in?

Who’s going to pay for it and therefore them when people are busy being chased around to do things they don’t like?

I am a watcher just as much as I am a writer, I watch people like I watch shows, that’s my life and I enjoy it.

I like to live bi curiously through others one could say for the most part because to me taking myself for a ride or my consciousness for a ride is no different after having gone for a ride myself before.

Those feelings and emotions are stored/saved inside us so we have the ability to recall them at anytime through certain trigger moments which Art does provide. ⁂

“His craft was in dry dock, lifted out of the river by two winches (as opposed to two wenches, which might have worked, too, but only if the girls had been really strong).” 

― Mark Cain, Hell’s Super
“Small Devil Syndrome. It’s like Small Man Syndrome, but with horns.” Orson chuckled.

“And a tail.” “Yeah, that too. Oh, and a really dinky, uh, pitchfork.”

We started laughing, but a dirty look from a demon doctor shut us up.” 

― Mark Cain, Deal With The Devil
“That’s because it was sappy and trite.

True, loving relationships are full of heart-felt apologies.

Humans and, I suppose, even demons, make lots of mistakes, though humans probably make more because they have free will, so they can muck things up more than the rest of the creatures in the universe.

Heart-felt apologies,” I repeated.

“Just like now, when I tell you I’m sorry to have doubted you.” I kissed her on the cheek again.” 

― Mark Cain, The Reluctant Demon
People feel comfortable around non judgmental people which is why most people open up around me once they get to know me better.

It’s a deep seeded irony considering who I am but compared to your neighbour?

I really do not judge as bad as the books make me out to be.

If you are going around raping women?

Yeah I am going to judge you, but if you just go around being you?

That’s ok whether you be straight, bi or gay.

It’s your life too just as much as mine it’s called you having free will for a reason.


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