Ofcourse the tyrants are Hugh and scary…

But that is why I have become a bigger and scarier pain in their asses.

Why am I scary?

Simple, I haven’t actually made a move yet…I portrayed all my moves but I never made one.

Therefore they have no clue which one I will make if any placing them in a pure defensive stance because if they attack?

Not just one move will be unleashed but all moves. ⁂

“What would it be like without Him?” 

― Glen Duncan, I, Lucifer
1 John 2:20

But you are not like that, for the Holy One has given you his Spirit, and all of you know the truth. 
“Controlled Rage Increases Perspective Range while giving One an Increased Feeling of Power”
“Hell is so bloody thing, but with Lucifer from Lucifer series, hell is like comedy.” 

― Deyth Banger
“True Wrath comes from the persecuted innocent always.”

– Lucifer, Dawn Breaker.
Canada therefore is God’s Personal Eden.


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