Refused = “Resident Evil Fused” To Refuse Truth means one fuses with Ignorance/Sin/Hate or…

Whatever negative label we want to place on it because when we have scientists able to bring their science to light using facts and evidence?

Then all forms of Truth must be treated the same way.

Otherwise the system is broken if it chooses only certain truths to accept over others.

That’s not how God let alone life works, if there is new evidence in any case?

That case must legally be reopened in one way and/or another, otherwise all other truth becomes invalid to me because what is truth at that point if all truth is not considered?

Are we seriously going to sit here and brush off a natural birthmark which matches history, art and nature as just mere coincidence?

I will never allow that to happen so as long as I live this case is going to be pushed forward. ⁂

“Francis has Homage from them – but none from me…
I battle it against him, as I battled in highest heaven – through all eternity,
And the unfathomable gulfs of hades, and the interminable realms of space,
And the infinity of endless ages…all he is I will dispute. 


― George Gordon Byron, Cain a Mystery
When I tried to call the Lama as well, the person who answered asked what the reason was about and then hung up on me after I told him.

Francis I couldn’t even get a call through and just like the Lama?

No emails returned either.

What kind of spiritual workers are they when they fear little ole me?

One could use fear of God in their defence but that would involve them officially acknowledging me as God for that to legally stick.

Have to remember I studied law and I chose to represent myself which includes building the case, gathering witnesses and other evidence of my being alongside math plus science etc all by myself so far.

So what I want is this:

1. The Truth Revealed Globally.
2. All the liars and fraudsters on the subject exposed.
3. For all of us to forgive them after so that we hold the higher ground by being holier than them.

“Three Move Checkmate”

“One person’s dream is another’s reality.” 

― Gillian Shields, Immortal
“The best books… are those that tell you what you know already.” 

― George Orwell, 1984
Meanwhile in Canada?

I Am One of Two.

“Love To”


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