Being in love makes one technically not that single anymore way before togetherness happens.

Your heart is taken at that moment meaning it belongs to no one else if your love is true that is.

That’s why on my facebook I switched it to complicated a while back because sure I am not with the one I love officially but I have no desire to be with any other so to avoid being hit on?

I changed my status to it’s complicated and it really is, three years later any modern man would be like go date your neighbour or something.

I am just like, I am trying to.

They be like, that’s not what I meant smart ass. ⁂

“We ought never have been given the ability to love.” 

― Cassandra Clare, City of Lost Souls
The Heart is the best teacher like Art which is where it spawns from and vice versa.
“Jordan would cut off his hand if you asked him to.

That doesn’t mean you should.” 

― Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight
“If your writing doesn’t keep you up at night, it won’t keep anyone else up either” 

― James M. Cain

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