Confidence is like this…

Well why wouldn’t they partner us up!? Are they nuts?

They would be stupid not to partner us up, these kind of partnerships make the media world go round especially if society is looking for something different.

Star above falls for man below, the infinite adventures that come out of that just one single thought are incredible.

It’s like two worlds colliding basically because you have the rich, powerful go getter star princess and then me, the lazy very casual brush it off kinda guy who just happens to be highly educated. ⁂

“I’ve got a Stella we can use. Who wants to do me?”

“A regrettable choice of words,” muttered Magnus.” 

― Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes
We would be promoting knowledge and intelligence none the less, KI for short.

Since her falling in love with my heart and mind instead of my money?

Will put a major dent into societies whole idea that money makes the world go round.

No money just goes around the world, God alongside Love makes the world go round.
“You said you were going for a walk!?

What kind of walk takes six hours?”

“A long one?” 

― Cassandra Clare, City of Glass
If I am going to lose for or be saved by anyone?

It better be Her or else I’ll be extremely pissed and that person will go down fast because then I will refuse to lose.

Quran 29:15

But She will save him and the companions of the ship, and She will make it a sign for the worlds.
Life is all about choices, you either choose right or you choose wrong.


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