Them: Jordan is depressed.

Her: Why is Jordan depressed?

Them: No clue.

Her: Probably because all his past ex’s never met his expectations?

Them: You are a genius.


Me: Life sucks.

Them: A Star secretly loves you.

Me: Life is amazing!

Her: See problem solved with zero pharmaceutical pills required. ⁂

“Do not be dismayed to learn there is a bit of the devil in you.

There is a bit of the devil in us all.”
― Arthur Byron Cover
“That wasn’t a belief, that was a fact”

“Special Effect”
“Warm and Fuzzies”
“Love Spells Happiness”
“Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.” 

― Sun Tzu
“The mark of Cain is stamped upon our foreheads.

Across the centuries, our brother Abel was lain in blood which we drew, and shed tears we caused by forgetting Thy love.

Forgive us, Lord, for the curse we falsely attributed to their name as Jews.

Forgive us for crucifying Thee a second time in their flesh. For we knew not what we did.”

― Pope John XXIII

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