Them: We were planning to use the “aliens” in the Middle East.

You have nukes, AI and superior weaponry hidden in your shack…aliens is a tad bit overkill at this point.

How about you just let me talk to them first?

Them: But they will kill you?

Me: Then you will get your war forsure. ⁂

If you come with me…..?
Truth is Truth, get used to it.

Good sex feels just like that if not better because it truly is indescribable.
Yes I get Israel is a pain in the ass but what are they really asking for?

A fraction of mud in the dessert?

Compared to the Islamic rule surrounding them who’s truly being greedy here?

Sure Palestine has issues, we all have issues so let’s work together to fix those issues.

I can go as the Canadian, English and Polish plus Religious Ambassador.

“Ra 15”

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