I never saw no tithe cheque from any church or whatever so what good are they to God?

None, we can simply learn online and tear down all the churches or transition them into schools and medical centres plus libraries instead, which is where the money will go anyways.

So fire the pope and all the workers since we have everything we already need online for free.

We have their data so we don’t need them anymore type of thing if they wanna play this game against their God. ⁂

Romans 3:23 

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

It’s like, pay me $244 Trillion and then some?

Or a Star?

Take natures advice on this one, “shooting stars” fall.
“Rule 1: The Doctor lies.” 

― Steven Moffat

It’s been 4.571 Billion years and counting.

Kinda hard when you hate them all at first until you get to know them only to find out that they ain’t so bad after all.
Nope it’s Cain/Lucifer, Jesus is just a painting on a Throne in Poland.

My toilet paper just matches the colour.

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