Love is Natural all throughout the Universe of Universes.

We ourselves are those universes. ⁂

“If it’s time to go, remember what you’re leaving. Remember the best.” 

― Steven Moffat, Doctor Who: The Shooting Scripts
“These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triump die, like fire and powder
Which, as they kiss, consume.” 

― William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet
“Love Heals”
That’s one way of derailing a train of thought while attracting another train of thought at the same time.

“Titanic sinking and the ship which came to help after it sunk”

The heart is like the person sitting in that dunk chair at the circus where she just shoots a glance and boom the heart falls into battery acid basically.

Since your whole reality just melts away as you focus on just one thing throughout your new reality.

“I wanted to end the world, but I’ll settle for ending yours.” 

― Arthur Conan Doyle

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