If everyone knew the truth then they wouldn’t fall victim to liars so easily.

When someone changes who God is, they change who you are because I am inside you to but you control the lenses type of deal.

So you project us together outside yourselves but that stems from what you take in and accept as God.

If you worship a version of me as a King on a throne well that mentality will follow you in life where as if you worship me as a Hero type character then that mentality will be your new home.

Hence why I have so many names and titles plus portrayals to give people options and choices.

So they aren’t liars in my portrayals no the liars are the ones who try to lock you inside theirs only.

That to me is a true prison cell because you are only free if you are allowed to reach outside the box/book.

Keep the Bible close to heart but use it as a lamp to explore other books in order to extract the goodness which leaked into all of them through others over the years.

Which that right there is the whole idea behind the Bible and putting on the armour of God as then you will be guarded plus aware when venturing off into the wilderness of life and thought.

Meaning you won’t be attacking our good guys who are undercover doing their jobs in other ways because you assume they are bad or against God.

Listen to their message and not just their portrayals in terms of who is a better guide or not.

If they are telling you to hate and kill people or not accept any other forms of truth?

They are wrong for you.

Open-mindedness is the key to universe. ⁂

Open everyones minds up just by looking at it and inside themselves to notice we are the same like it has for others.

Sadly not everyone is wired like that which is why we spread into all areas of life in hopes of catching everyone’s attention at whatever level they are at in terms of life and perspective/awareness.

“People in a mass-information society are strangely susceptible.

They believe what they read in the papers and then believe that what they have read is their own conclusions.

In this manner public support can be generated (at least for a while) in favor of administration policies that are palpably wrong.

The 1991 attack on Iraq by Bush the elder’s administration is a case in point.” 

― John Coleman, The Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Committee of 300

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