Orions belt, Lost and found box…

Like holy fuck this stuff isn’t rocket science it’s Childs play and you pay the pope and religious leaders how much for their watered down version of truth?

I try not to be mean but fuck are people really this mentally demented around me? ⁂

Her: Rub it in Jordan, rub it in because after the way they treated you?

They deserve it royally.

Like the old saying goes, be careful how you treat people because one of them might end up your boss one day.
That’s the point of holding hands, there is no need for it.

We just love to do it anyways.
“When one is high on the ecstasy of self, a hand to hold and someone to hug is exactly what one needs after a successful mission and a half.”

There is no denying God ever again after all this hits the air officially.

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