Jesus was God but there are other ways to God other than Jesus.

The best way to see God without meeting him in person is to die.

The next best way is to go through a like minded individual in life as those who share the Holy Spirit mimic the same God source so therefore carry the same God source allowing people to go through them as well.

Have to think of people as doorways and the spirit world is inside everyone so anyone can reach it through anyone but if you actually want to meet God in person?

You have to go through the person with the mark like myself or die at which point I come to you then.

The point is that you do not have to drop everything to follow me like people did Jesus, that’s not the point this time around.

The point is to help people do it on their own terms amongst each other so that I can retire in peace.

Which will happen in one of two ways.

The obvious one being disappearing with Coleman, the other one will be once all religions bind together instead of working against eachother like they do now causing me to disappear again.

As you see unlike the pope and imam or whatever I care not to be in a position of power, or fame or money, I just want to fix the problem and vanish again until the next time Earth is in trouble. ⁂

“He was the devil.
Calm, unfettered, and unaffected.” 

― Ellie Fox, And then the Devil Cried: Episode One
“I think you cannot root out love entirely.

I think where there has been love, there will always be embers, as the remains of a bonfire outlast the flame.” 

― Cassandra Clare, Lord of Shadows
The deepest form of love is not waking up beside someone but dying in their arms.

There is nothing deeper than being absorbed by your lover upon death.

As you take your last breaths your energy transfers inside them where you remain inside them until they pass away also.

Since heaven is not a place, heaven is a person that you cannot live without ever whether it be in this life or the next.
Matthew 24:35 

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my love will never pass away.

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