Martial law

Martial = Morning Star Trial/Trail, Mary’s Tail “Orions Belt”, I am real late, team liar, smart special, Te “Truth” amplifier, literate man, “Litre(water)” Man/Name.

Law = Male, Wall, La Wonder/Woman, Meal, Lamb, Whale, Lama etc etc.

The point is like all the other words I dissected in this same fashion?

They are specifically arranged to spell out things of extreme relevance to the present case I am working on.

Like unfolding a box every time it opens up in all direction while still being the box itself. ⁂

Another nations AI, other religions and beliefs, people go on about allot of alien and supernatural things which could be labeled as a psychological attack.

Mainly through social media and screens since we know that the screens magnify psychosis while causing the viewer to feel as if it were real and after prolonged exposure?

They start believing it’s real, I know it works because it works the same way I am doing it with truth.

Like running a download on your brain basically as you bend reality according to your new views.

So same thing is happening to others except they are believing things that are making them snap or go out shooting things like schools and churches.

Which that right there is where the extreme threat comes into play as if it were an alien invasion like that movie invasion of the body snatchers.

Since if people with ulterior motives are coming on our end and warping peoples mind with intent to cause harm to our society and other people?

That is considered an extreme threat especially if done by cell groups like anonymous who are stationed around the world globally.

So with depression rising to 40%, sea levels, pollution, all this religious chaos, financial weakness etc etc etc all snow balled into one creates cause for extreme measures temporarily.

Hence martial law and what not being mention above.
From supremacy of God in law and religion to everything linking to my birthmark like some skeleton key to the city, like a John Connor from terminator scenario as well.

I am the only one qualified from outside the elite circle since if they pulled someone up from within it would be favouritism which is why it relies on Nature’s ability to mark someone who can be entrusted with a magnitude task like this.

God played the role in foretelling the exact date of my birth followed by all my other details like life path number and name which matches mathematically, prophetically and specifically with the Bible, Quran, Torah and so many more things.
Since when we die we switch between astral planes basically.
Every single show, movie and book plus song is designed this way for me plus others too but we’ll focus on me and people can extract it from there.

Anyways they are telling people a story while advising me at the same time.

It’s the ultimate communication network because I don’t even have to pay attention to the actual news and society while still being up to date on the main details I need in life.

Since church and mosques burnings or who is voting for who in the meantime is not top priority for me.

That is useless information to me at this point as the issues will be fixed down the road and voting is obviously irrelevant to me since in my case I was chosen through literally “Dictatorship” ship means.
“There were valuable first editions of books in the enormous library, most of them had been scribbled in by some idiot named Will H.” 

― Cassandra Clare, Lord of Shadows
I’m just curious as to why I am completely fine with all this?

Since in the shows and movies people find it hard to grasp meanwhile for me it’s as easy as pie.

It’s like alright let’s do it already.

Simple answer?

It was meant to be so internally my body knows already.

Psalm 33:12 

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people whom he has chosen as his heritage!

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