There will always be someone craving Death like Love, Life, God, Mary and Lucifer.

You couldn’t stop it if you tried which is why Atheism in all it’s infinite wisdom?

Can never stand against God as I am in self fully aware of my entire being alongside the universe.

They are all me, so to destroy me means attempting to destroy the universe like nature like self.

It’s strictly suicide which is why my pillars constantly remain uncontested as there is nothing to contest except their own stupidity. ⁂

Power is like blood for vampires.

Once you have just that little taste?

Game over, you begin to turn into me.
Job 37:24

“Therefore, people fear Him, for He is not partial to the wise in heart.”
…and if you had seen when the unjust shall be in the agonies of death and the angels shall spread forth their hands: Give up your souls; today shall you be recompensed with an ignominious chastisement… (Quran 6:93)
“Death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a mountain.

So many duties.” 

― Robert Jordan, The Great Hunt

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