Is love enough?

I’ve been off dealing with fury book I call it since on facebook it seems to draw wrath from people where as when I scroll through WordPress it’s more calm and civilized one could say.

Anyways as I went through posts and articles I came across one where the person was asked what was their hardest lesson in life and they answer that “love is not enough”.

Which of course I found it to be a sad realization in life but they are not wrong because as we look around the world?

Most people care more about money, fame, their art or just helping themselves only in life.

With the world moving so fast in the modern world and people being overworked of course love begins to get the shaft because love was never meant to be fast.

If love was meant to be fast the Earth itself would have grown and evolved in a day as opposed to billions of years before we as humans even grew out of the dust into existence.

Meaning that’s it our fast and rushy way of life which has completely decimated love and the truth plus beauty behind it, hence why it’s usually the poor who find true storybook love.

Mainly because poor people have more time than money so they can literally “slow down the song” in life.

Since where I don’t have to be called away anywhere or meet deadlines and work ridiculous long hours to support a family?

I have the time to focus on things like love and slowing down my world in order to experience and express it myself through art, religion and culture.

So when I hear/see someone say “love is not enough”?

That could mean anything really, is it not enough because we need careers and money?

Or is it not enough because people neglected it due to our fast paced lives?

Or is it not enough because people just stopped believing it in general after so many bad experiences with it where one would fall deeply in love and the other just used them instead?

The point is that the power of love created everything that we have today from the Earth to society since no one creates a full universe full of all kinds of various forms of life just because.

There was love behind that when you consider two making love to give birth to a child.

Sure in some cases it’s just sex and mistakes happen but in general usually two people really love each other if they get to a point where they decide to have a child as well.

“Child and Space” ironically matching as a person dropping into a cold space of existence like our Sun and planets floating around in the freezing emptiness of the universe outside.

So of course love is enough at those points, love is really all there is in terms of God, Universe and Creation because no destruction in the universe outside us happens out of hate.

It happens out of love even though a star is falling apart because it is not falling apart it is becoming something new and the same goes for humans.

I don’t look at human aging as us falling apart and dying per say but slowly transforming into something new upon death, whether it be going into a new body or into spirit form in heaven.

It’s only until we look at society with all it’s greed and rushing where we see love become replaced by hate in order to fuel people to get more work done or march across mountains into battle.

Meaning that if love is not enough in 2019 that’s because we as a society made it that way.

We took what was enough for billions of years and completely neglected it, abused it and worse forgot about it in order to chase dreams of mansions, armies and roads paved in gold.

Love itself is like a skill that one must learn to be good at in life just like any other skill/trade in life, hence why God in my mind just focuses on love over everything else.

Like the saying goes, life is too short to be good at more than one thing so it’s best to be careful what you choose to be good at, which is where my theories of balance come into play.

Meaning that where I can focus on creating love my other would focus on creating whatever else and with us combined we get to experience both worlds while focusing on our own.

Which is why I believe in pairing those from above with those from below so that those above can actually experience true love in their fast paced lifestyles because the other one is making it enough.

Love is a constant work in progress because if it wasn’t?

The universe would have stopped growing billions of years ago, meaning that the universe itself is constantly focusing on love in order to keep life and us going into the future.

That’s the reason why women used to stay at home while men went to work because the woman would maintain love in the household while the man would maintain the household financially.

That right there is that perfect “love and hate” combination which society completely butchered when both parents started having to work and people began not focusing on love but only stress.

In conclusion if love is not enough in our society?

Then we need to find ways to make it enough again before people lose it completely and turn into cold heartless machines next to AI. ⁂

Friendship and love go hand in hand as well since there needs to be friendship between two people inside love in order for love to truly work.

That’s the only way two from opposite worlds could ever even dream to get along.

For example, One would have to respect my slow paced lifestyle at home while I would respect her fast past lifestyle out of home even though both our lives are different.

That’s where we need to remove things like jealousy or envy towards another for that to work by being happy for the opposite other because at least they are content with what they do while trying to share it with the opposite other and vice versa.
Like I mentioned countless times before, I admire Jenna and of course am attracted to her plus her lifestyle but I myself wouldn’t want to be her life.

Meaning I could be part of it no problem but I would never desire to be it.

That would be a situation where I would maintain love at home while she maintains light outside of home only to come back home just to experience love in its entirety.

People can call me gay for it all they want but the point is that someone has to do it and logically where I focused on it most my life instead of fame or money?

It would fall on me to step back from being a “macho man” in order to focus on love in all its natural corniness because without it?

We are doomed as a society.

The day people began thinking certain things we do in the name of love are corny was the day love began falling apart, but like I mentioned above?

Love can still be salvaged if we look at it as love just falling apart to take on a new form, a greater form and stronger form trying to make a comeback in society before it’s too late.
Life is not a competition with others.

In its truest sense it is a rivalry with ourselves.

We should each day seek to break the record of our yesterday.

We should seek each day to live stronger, better, truer lives; each day to master some weakness of yesterday; each day to repair past follies; each day to surpass…ourselves.

And this is but progress.

– William George Jordan
Into the hands of every individual is given a marvelous power for good or evil—the silent, unconscious, unseen influence of his life.

This is simply the radiation of what man really is, not what he pretends to be.

– William George Jordan
Worry is the most popular form of suicide.

Worry impairs appetite, disturbs sleep, makes respiration irregular, spoils digestion, irritates disposition, warps character, weakens mind, stimulates disease, and saps bodily health.

It is the real cause of death in thousands of instances where some other disease is named on the death certificate.

– William George Jordan

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