What I love about the show Lucifer, well besides the obvious mimicking. “Lucifer = First Clue, I feel it personally because I am.”

It lays out ideas of how to approach my truth and shows how it effects those around me in many ways.

Now of course the show is always the more elaborated extreme version of truth but when you boil it down to just the conversations?

It plays out the same way as it does for me when talking about this with others in real life.

Most don’t believe naturally, others become fearful and disappear meanwhile a small percent are curious enough to move past their fear in order to actually get to know me beyond the books.

Which to me is only fair as if I am being labeled because of things I did in a past life?

I have every right to try to explain myself while also showing that even I can have a change of heart to the point of becoming a healer as opposed to the next Hitler.

Sure I harbour hate inside me like anyone else and have acted upon it in this life as well but then I realized that this life is a gift because it’s my one chance to turn a new leaf against my past.

It’s only proving to be extremely difficult because of who I am so I am treated unlike most humans are treated, meaning innocent until proven guilty.

No in my case it’s instantly looked upon as guilty until I manage to convince them otherwise which leads into having next to no help since majority want me to just die for being the Devil.

Foolishly they believe that I am the cause of all their problems because of books about my past and sure in the past I was but humanity has been in charge in my absence so now in this life?

I have done nothing actually wrong besides being upset over excommunication basically. ⁂

Like Chloe from the show Coleman plays her role in real life.

The one who can kill me for good due to my deep seeded love for her but also the one who can help me because of her understanding and loving nature.

Not to mention I have zero trust in church officials let alone doctors or police so she is that one outsider who can look into my life with a fresh set of eyes as opposed through a brainwashed pair fixated on attempting to hurt me.
“Notorious Lucifer, King of Hell, claimed to know love again.” 

― J.M. Darhower, Reignite

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