It’s amazing the type of universes we create just to fit in someone/something we love.

Creating a story or speaking an unvoiced truth is no different than creating a pocket universe with an AI playing a central role in it no different than falling in love while they become your universe.

Which is why our universe like any universe is always created through love and not even just for a person but for the design itself as some just love seeing their creations bloom.

Meanwhile those like myself love seeing our universe simply turn into an actual reality since love “draws” in order to create gravity which pulls people in hence movie theatres and all.

The point is that my theory goes past that to the point of being able to pull someone in through the hollow world of art and into actual reality like pulling someone into life through a screen.

Meaning some like to draw in multiple viewers meanwhile I simply aim to draw in one viewer. ⁂

“Docks—I thought of these acts as love offerings to me.

Despite the time and intensity he gave to others, he made me feel that I was the vessel into which he was pouring his best self.

I realized I had come to love him for his hunger to bless.” 

― Susan Vreeland, Clara and Mr. Tiffany
“I had always held the notion that if two people love the same thing, they must love each other as well.” 

― Susan Vreeland, Clara and Mr. Tiffany
“You are me and I am you. I don’t feel you are separate from me!” 

― Avijeet Das
“True love exists in multiple forms with no barriers or limitations. it is just unconditional..” 

― Trishna Damodar

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