Guns don’t kill people “triggers” do.

A triggered person ends up grabbing the gun which kills someone and not the other way around. ⁂

“You don’t mind apples, do you?” 

― Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight
“She just kept smiling.

Because she was just doing what a goddess does-the same way that a tornado rips houses apart or a fire burns down a forest.” 

― L.J. Smith, Spellbinder
“You are such a drama llama!” she shouted at her.

The woman blinked. “It’s drama queen, dear.”

“No, it’s llama…” 

― Katie Reus, Hunted by Darkness
“She watched him for a long moment, an adorably annoyed frown wrinkling her forehead.

“You’re obnoxious when you’re right.” 

― Katie Reus, Hunted by Darkness
“Werewolves are surprisingly ardent readers, you know.” 

― Cassandra Clare, Cast Long Shadows
“You’re mine,” he growled. He hoped she really understood that too.

That she was his in every sense of the word. And vice versa.

The female completely owned him. Until the day he died, he would be hers.” 

― Katie Reus, Hunted by Darkness
“The cruelty of society had infected the land, and sea only swept in sharp waves to the shores.” 

― Gayendra Abeywardane, Crocodile Chamber

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