The Earth due to the past tsunami like I am due to new evidence are out of alignment with most of humanity. “Burning Peace Treaties”

Majority are walking one way and I am going the opposite way in order to match with the times.

It’s 2019 so we should have mastered understanding God’s love by now and there are no excuses left which I like God have not heard a thousand times before, the only excuses I see?

Are people just making them up in order to continue committing hate, greed and whatever else corrupts them when used incorrectly without understanding.

What is good hate some may ask?

Well I hate when children are neglected or when women are raped so I use that hate to create a better system which protects them instead of the current one which exploits them. ⁂ “StarNet”

“God Father (the Creator) geometrizes, God Mother (Nature) fractalizes.” 

― Stefan Emunds
“All women are a reflection, a mirror of the Goddess like men are of God.

Remember… you are the Universe figuring itself out.

So of course you are identical to the female aspect of divinity.” 

― Robin Rumi
“I see his point, if he is alone then what is a world with less people to him except the same feeling of neglect?” 

― Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes

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