Coleman would be awesome in a new James Bond movie.

It be like American Beauty, I’ll be the weirdo with the camera because I can’t act worth shit which is why I write instead, so its ok I’ll watch type of deal, I’m not that type of jealous.

It would be like the whore wife without actually being a whore because it’s just acting.

Leave your feelings at home because home is where the heart is, meaning the one who truly cares about them enough to laugh and cry with you instead of against you.

Her: Side note you’re lying is just as bad too for those who actually know who you are, Mr. good heart. ⁂

The thing is to get it all out on the table now since upon actual contact?

I’ll be in the heat of the moment in which case its better to know what type of person I am before walking into a star relationship.

To me it’s simple always, I trust you if you trust me, you jump I jump meaning we jump together.

I’ll give you power plus love and you just give me love.


 Act 4 Scene 3

Alright, here’s the vial. What if this mixture doesn’t work at all?

Will I be married tomorrow morning?

No, no, this knife will stop it. Lie down right there.

(she lays down the knife) What if the Friar mixed the potion to kill me?

Is he worried that he will be disgraced if I marry Paris after he married me to Romeo?

I’m afraid that it’s poison. And yet, it shouldn’t be poison because he is a trustworthy holy man. What if, when I am put in the tomb, I wake up before Romeo comes to save me?

That’s a frightening idea. Won’t I suffocate in the tomb?

There’s no healthy air to breathe in there. Will I die of suffocation before Romeo comes?

Or if I live, I’ll be surrounded by death and darkness. It will be terrible. There will be bones hundreds of years old in that tomb, my ancestors’ bones.

Tybalt’s body will be in there, freshly entombed, and his corpse will be rotting. They say that during the night the spirits are in tombs.

Oh no, oh no. I’ll wake up and smell awful odors. I’ll hear screams that would drive people crazy.
“Love acts to see stars.”
“Meme method acting”

I try at least.

Even if only alone in my grandmas basement with a metaphorical online broom handle version of you with a wig.
52 card pickup, 7th caller on air.

“Left ear pierced once upon a time and now another time”

“Head Phones, Ear Protection Equipment”

Double damned.
She cared enough to learn all about me, good and bad.

That in itself is a marvellous thing.

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