English Major = Jordan Holy Religious Morningstar, Judge Jury His Legend. “Travelling Judge” “Leaker, Lake of Fire Dr, Folder/Folgers.”

From another perspective, Majorly Shy English Woman, Journey of a Shylock Woman.

“Me see We, We’d look good together” ⁂ “Born into Wedlock” “Warlock”

“See through glass”

Being a star is not her real job, she works extra hours for a reason.


Polish Coal Miners, PC Minerals.

My English accent was pulled out.

“Cat got my tongue”


Mark 10:7,8

For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife; …
Off record and soon to be on record.

“Grade four recorder lesson”


“Flu over for tea.”

“Tea with the Queen, the real Queen, my Queen.”


You made two little Jordans and one brother.

Two little Jordans and one mother happy.

Two little Jordans plus one more expected.

“Snub nosed P.I”

Polish/Irish have received no child from me which is why some are upset that I promised my 3rd to an English woman.

When in reality she should be upset because she should have been the first.

Oh well we can’t please them all and it worked out in the end anyways.

“Cause three songs are required and each new life is a song in my book”

“River song ripples”
“Never let go of love Jack.”

Titanic = I See Taint.

I sit tight.

“Tisk, Tisk”

“Two Kings talking”

“Psychic blood of kings works for queens to because they are the same as kings in actuality”


“Killing Kid”

Kind like living

“Living like a true king”

With the people instead of above them since no true king fears to walk publicly amongst his own people.

“What if God was one of us”

“Alien from Virgin.”
Holy Mary’s True and only Blood Line.

Love is a thin red line.

1 Timothy 6:19

Storing up for themselves the treasure of a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of that which is life indeed.

English Major, Orange Jam Gemini Leash.

Original Maggi, Holy Seal.

“My Jingle, More Jingle Bells”

“Mosh Pit”


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