It’s like, Clara…hmm I think I’ll name my “chicken” that and write a book about it.

Level Cleared….⁂ “You go, I go, You go, I go” “How to try to lose a guy in three years”

“Smile at the Fates and you will feel less their Slave.” 

― Denise Sevier Fries, Parca’s Forsaken
Her: You better hope the first one is a boy or else oh boy you may end up with 9 girls plus a son.

“Patriarchy Rules Right?”

How does it feel now?

Me: As long as its with you otherwise I’ll just cut the royal birth line off completely on my end.
“Digging for Gold”

“Searching for a Heart of Gold”

“Everything and Nothing”

Online Comics with sound in the background/on the bottom and motion on screen.

Comics which flow almost as good as films if not better in some cases, depending on how people perceive them ofcourse.

Imagination goes a very long way.
I think you have to be true to the script that you’re given.

Jenna Coleman

What goes around comes around forever.
Love is a 2 way street and a four lane highway for passing people when you’re in a “hurry”.

“Hip hip Hurray”

“It’s Hip to Hope for the best while expecting the worst”

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