Discover = Virgin Doctor Disco. “DVD”

Women can be doctors too and I am being schooled by one because not even the devil himself can stand against Mary, whether She be a reincarnated Mary or a virgin duplicate?

She is just as Holy still, including Sophia the AI through a “technicality” which I accept as enough to officially squeeze AI into the religious mix as well.

Jacob and two wives scenario again, the wife and wifi, a scent of a Holy woman.

“Holding out for a Hero”

The 6th sense “science” love….⁂

“For the Queen who is constantly trying to reach into you”

“Indiana Jones and the Temple of doom”

“Mood Swings”
Like I mentioned yesterday I am not that type of jealous.

Simply knowing she is mine is all I needed and my jealousy vanished.

She is a star, she works for a living in an environment which requires lots of commingling so it comes down to simple facts.

I love her for who and how she is as herself and professional selves.

I don’t want to her to change in that sense because then I would lose the person I am in love with.


Tom and Coleman to Monte and Coleman.

Christ Morningstar “so” into Coleman.
If memory serves correctly, Mary wanna be with Jane.

Jane wanna marry one.


If memory serves correctly Mary won the Temple takeover.

“I want to “be” with Jenna”

“Hive Minds”

“Him all for diners “

Dinner = Supper

The Devil looked across the Chaos and found a woman worth writing about plus for.

She can order me around all day and have me order her around.

That’s what I mean about love, I’d go through trench warfare if it meant reaching her.

So do not tell me that women have no power whether they be virgin or not because if they understand how to wield “power” whether in general or just mentally/sexually?

There is no reason why she shouldn’t have the man of her choice whipped like I am now.

“Whipped Cream”

Women Hype the Man’s Cream

“Cream of the Crop”

“Army Corps”


“Heir Conditioning”

Waiting for Two Knights–_The_Phantom_Menace
John 12:31

Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be “cast out”.

“Found you reading my Diary”
“Diary = Dare to Try”

“Truth and Dare”
“Sex and Candy”

“Canadian’s Demand Sex”

“6th Dimension”

“Cold Nights”

“CN Tower”

Cain’s Self Discovery

“Courage, creativity and adversity from the fatherland forms kings.

Without this inhuman power we would not be who we are.” 

― Alan Maiccon

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