Music gets people “high” through “speakers”.

Words do the same without even actually speaking out loud. “Speaking = Serpent Peace King” ⁂

The bottom line is that whether you ask the Universe or God/Goddess for help?

They always respond if you simply just pay attention and listen.

Awareness is key.

“Kia, Ikea”


“Two Kings Two Chronicles”
“Air Jordan’s room, Stinky Feet”

Shoe quality is everything.
Perm = Woman represents Man and vice versa.

“Outside looking In”

What is total awareness?

The fact that someone loves you.

One only wakes up once he/she realizes it’s true.
“The king is a good man, and an old friend, but it has been a long time, and kings change.

Even more than other people, kings change.” 

― Peter S. Beagle, Two Hearts
I don’t change, I regenerate and my loyalty plus love toward one woman is always true.

Once my heart is set?

That’s it, it’s only a matter of time before it explodes in terms of causing that love to appear.

“Universal Creation”

“Mind Blown”
Unless it involves Jenna Coleman or Clara Oswald?

Don’t talk to me.

All global problems can wait because the only problem worth solving is how to get Jenna to knock on my door in order to take me out on a date or just away with her.

Like I said yesterday, I don’t mind being treated like a woman since in most cases?

They are treated better, I know first hand and through my own self in terms of how I always treated them like gold compared to myself.

Hence why if they were foolish enough to not see that let alone appreciate it?

The relationship ended quickly and usually very aggressively.

I am a man of my word when it comes to love.

We can fight, we can argue, we can destroy the world in the process for all I care but you do not ever, ever leave me or kick me out because I would never ever leave you let alone kick you out once my heart is set.

I am a one woman man so I simply desire one woman in my life forever unlike most other pigs who bounce on decent women constantly.
“Love is in the Air”

Listen, Hear It


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