“Shock Realization Therapy”

RTS Art Strategy “Start for short”, like OMG could she get any hotter?

England: But wait, there’s more…

Me: I’d be disappointed if there wasn’t, I like being blind sighted. ⁂

“Writing seemed to me to be the most natural thing to do during my days.

I could not open up to others and so I started writing my thoughts in my journal.

It gave me a sense of calm and peace 

And now after so many years to write my thoughts in my journal still seems to me to be the most natural thing to do.

I am still not able to open up easily in front of people.

And so writing keeps me sane!” 

― Avijeet Das
There is no word for her, she is too perfect in my eyes and mind/heart/soul…whatever.

I’m laughing and crying while creating this.

Seek and ye shall find.
Third times a charm.
My kids will understand and if not, oh well.

It’s like oh yeah satan grants wishes too.
For a price….

She’s better than gold or fame, thats all I can say.

Well spent wish.
“I do not follow any tradition.

I may stand at the beginning of one.” 

― Avijeet Das
Not soon enough….

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