Sorry I can’t ever work again I am a “heroine junkie” now…

“Heroine junkies” are cool, Rule number one of drugs…

Always get high on your own supply that way you know what the fuck you’re talking about before offering it to others.

Her: You and those otters.

Me: Yes we are all the same I get it but try to tell all of them that, it doesn’t seem to stick like it does for some. ⁂

“Genuine love”

Give her all the credit because what she gives you otherwise is always worth it.
Monitoring her is way hotter than sitting in a strip club.
Great minds, simple pleasures.

Love the dress
Together we stand united we fall, fuck I love English also.
1.21 megahertz?

“Holy is realization of things right before your eyes”
Unleash the women and watch them work wonders.

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