The Devil wished for Her to be His “entire” universe “instead”. “Instead of Dead like I was”

Which is why Coleman arrived first into life 2 months “mothers” before I. “Black Jack” “JIB”

She’s perfect because I imagined her to be and she is mixed into everything and everyone because that’s how imagination works.

Like a computer game, the AI is not separate from the game in the game.

The AI is the game in the game while appearing to be separate while part of the game.

No different than humans coming from nature, we are all of nature and yet our own forms too.

Honestly there is literally nothing to argue about except our own stupidity at times. ⁂

Only God and Goddess are allowed to officially judge overall, the rest are simply tied into manmade laws.

Hence why they compliment each other while overruling each other in their own ways.

Which is why its best to follow both sets of laws unless of course you honestly feel a certain law is unfair while gathering the evidence, witnesses plus emotions/expressions/portrayals to prove it.

Like me and my claims, others claimed similar things but no one can prove them like Her and I can.

Starting with natural proof and working all the way up to star systems.

Its like, “people are seriously gonna try to tell me who I am while I can physically see my D and psychically see the stars it perfectly matches with.

They come over my house during the summer while looking just like this.

As if some giant alien ship hovering above me “attracting” my attention to it because it resembles me in some way.

You don’t even need a single instrument to prove it other than my own body and a set of eyes.

That’s how dumb some people are around me.

I reserve the right to be a dick just like they reserve the right to be ignorant.

I’ll judge them and laugh at them but they cannot deny me and who I am.

“Denim Jeans”
“The low lip method”

That’ll shut him up for a bit.
All time happens all the time between “realities” , it appeared in the gif as soon as I posted it even though the gif was made way before, noticing the pattern here yet?

“Like placing Data inside Sophia the AI’s mind”

“Finding a bag of weed in the couch”

“As above so below”
“Goddess of immemorable cloudy veils, reveal your magickal powers so we may re-attune our psyches to your multi-dimensional realities and thereby draw your power to heal this worldly habitat and return it to the provocative Sisterhood of Your Milky Way.” 

― Lady Svetlana

“Personal Assistance”

“Pass the Joint”


“Flight Path”

“Cross Examination”
Two love sharing because Two like laughing.

We just want people to have fun around us because it creates good vibes and in return we absorb good vibes instead of negative vibes making us feel high on life off others instead of just ourself.

“Black Holes”
“Shuffle House”

“House of Cards”

“Shhhh Christ counts Cards”

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