Holy Memory Water of God Parade for “Our” Sinners.

Meaning a reflection of us and our sins, Her and I. ⁂

“True Motherly/Fatherly Love”

“Same Source still in the end”

“Big Bang”

God is Mary and Mary is God meanwhile Satan is Both.

Hence me being a bisexual female trapped in a man’s body and her being a gay male being trapped in a female body.

“Making is us still very compatible.”

1111 make a swish, then poke it out with a stick from a basket.

“Hot as Hell”


“Holy Allah”

All the Holy laugh at jokes and truths instead of getting offended by them.
“And Mary said, ‘My soul glorifies the Lord.'”

– Luke 1:46-55

Her: Yes your soul does you “Social Elitist.”

See you’re bisexual in reverse or should I say inside out?


Everyone but me.

Her: “Good Memory Evil One.”

Skin counts as a veil too, you know since you’re Mary in a man’s body in well Hell technically.

But hey you’re handling it better than most.
If I’m with a group of people, I’m okay, but actually I’m quite a nervous person if I’m just one-to-one with somebody.

Jenna Coleman

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