Jesus = Jordan uses Jesus as an Excuse to Marry Jenna, that’s how She knew in advance.

“One Word Order” “After The Woo, Blue Moon, Meet Halfway” ⁂ Mother of God = Tom Her For God.

“Astronomy” My Strong Star. “Just missing a gold star for my home work”

Canada post = Canadian PC poster.

“President of earth’s first choice” “hair cutters = hire cuter doctors”
“All my love songs”

“Music = Woman you sick”

Due to being Mary in Cain

“Alice in Chains”


Christ Prince Returns

Princess Return to Christ

Mary Returns Through Christ

“Mystery City”

In Toronto


Torn In Two


“Have a Nice Trip see you next fall”

Summer Honeymoon


Satan Holy

“Canada A Holy Nation”


“The Chance to be Golden”
I am a restless person.

Jenna Coleman

“One to Marry a relentless Son Representative”



Romantic Snake

1% Class Friend, 1st class my friend.

The only real way to fly.
One Responsible Woman Seals Beast Monster with a Kiss.

“Kiss of Death”

“She’s Sick of Theatre”

“Arm Toss”

Taurus Apr 20 | May 20 Has a part of you become too timid, docile or prosaic? Is there an aspect of your beautiful soul that is partially muzzled, submissive or housebroken? If so, now is a favourable time to seek an antidote. But listen closely: the cure isn’t to become chaotic, turbulent and out of control. It would be counterproductive to resort to berserk mayhem. Here’s a better way: be primal, lush and exciting. Be wildly playful and unpredictably humorous and alluringly intriguing. Try experiments that rouse your rowdy sweetness, your unkempt elegance, your brazen joy and your sensual intelligence.

Gemini May 21 | Jun 20 I prefer live theatre over movies. The glossy flawlessness of films, accomplished by machines that assemble and polish, is less emotionally rich than the direct impact of live performers’ unmediated voices and bodies and emotions. Their evocative imperfections move me in ways that glossy flawlessness can’t. Even if you’re not like me, Gemini, I invite you to experiment with my approach for a while – not just in the entertainment you choose, but in all areas of your life. As much as possible, get your experience raw and unfiltered.

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