Masturbation is key because you release the fullness of yourself while opening up more towards others right after.

You think clearly without all that “shit” in your head and on your mind.

The Lord “sacrifices billions” just to come up with good ideas. ⁂ “Singing Sword”

Image result for those are rookie numbers
“Master’s Bastion”

“Can’t Steal a Keep”

I left the keys in the van.

I guess Ivan won the bet, or is he just the bookie?
Confessions soothes the soul.

“Baby Soothers”
“Secret Garden”

“Guards dreams by night and dreams by day”
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“The easy confidence with which I know another man’s religion is folly teaches me to suspect that my own is also.” 

― Mark Twain

Christian = Antichrist
Related image
See you on the outside.
“Is man merely a mistake of God’s?

Or God merely a mistake of man?” 

― Friedrich Nietzsche

2 thoughts on “Masturbation is key because you release the fullness of yourself while opening up more towards others right after.

    1. Whatever you say since I am not a woman so I wouldn’t know how it feels personally and the effects it has on your system.

      Hence why I believe the whole idea of “Double Equal Leadership” where the man and woman each have equal say in order to connect some middle ground together.

      If I didn’t believe that?

      All this other work I created would be a lie because it screams that silently daily.

      Life requires balance.

      The point is, if it works differently for you in whatever way?

      Tell us about it and others should listen to it while taking it into serious consideration just like anyone else in life.

      I have what I perceive so until others perceive alongside me like a man purse?

      I can only express what I know and feel while attempting to understand others in the process hence why I am pro choice.

      It’s not my place to tell you what you can or cannot do with your body, i’m just in it for the ride so to speak.

      I have my ways, you have yours and that’s what creates perfection through understanding.

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