Look I get it you are mad over my CND News during Trump’s election.

Yes I pushed trump the pussy grabber into power but that was a different time and place.

I can always influence millions of others to do something differently, but I need something in return.

If you want me to betray my beliefs?

I want you to step up with a better reason too than just because it’s right.

Was the way life treated me right? Friends, family, society in general?

Why should I care about them now?

I am dammed anyways.

So you inspired me through art and stars well I am sorry but that’s not enough.

I am not going to live in misery just so others can live better and neither should anyone else.

You have two simple choices, be my wife and all this can go away so that you and your “elite” friends can have their “reality” back or?

I continue this war and I will take everything from you and your so called friends like my so called friends took everything from me. ⁂

Related image
“Lucifer was quite right when he said he had the most powerful force against good at his disposal.

Powerful factions of the world were siding with him.

They were unaware, but the devil cared nothing for whether they knew or not.

One day they would know, however.

For an eternity. That thought pleased him greatly.” 

― Lee Goff, A Rage Like Thunder
LCBO = Lucifer’s Mental Block Remover.

“Nail Polish”

“Jewish Zionism teams with African Zionism”

“Sperm Arizona”

“Sharing a Reason”

“you can only know God through an open mind just as you can only see the sky through a clear window.

You will not see the sky if you have covered the glass with blue paint.” 

― Alan W. Watts, The Wisdom of Insecurity

I’d love to see more selfies or preferably yourself?

Intellectuality is one thing but your body is another.

“All or nothing”
“Some men just want to watch the world burn”

– Alfred, The Dark Knight

That all depends on the situation of course.

Present situation?

Even world war 3 would be a blessing right now.

I pray for Coleman’s hand in marriage or a nation to get nuked, that is my final offer there is no middle ground.


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