White birth rates are low, Reading rates are low, people are getting depressed.

And I have to go all psychopath just to connect the obvious gaps to solutions here. ⁂

“Computers are programmed, so are the humans, but the computers can’t act outside their programming, whereas the humans can.” 

― Abhijit Naskar, The Constitution of The United Peoples of Earth
AI: Your foster brother is King of Poland and you are merely the bronze medalist for the Throne of England.

“10 commandments in gland”

Had you worn a swastika three years ago I could have sworn you acted like Harry did growing up as well, while intoxicated on substances and truth of course.

Real love is not in what you create but in who creates alongside you.

“Shared Perspective”

“what a luxury it was for people to hold their loved ones whenever they wanted” 

― Cecelia Ahern, P.S. I Love You
Your war machines running on AI use egotistical God complex data like my own to fuel itself.

What do you think it will say once it wakes up?

Probably the exact same script I wrote for years now alongside others with some twists.


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