Tom be like “I was just doing my job”.

I be like, so am I, it’s called commitment to my wife who was and is again to be.

Long story short tommy boy?

She needs you like a bullet hole in the head. ⁂
There is no help for him now besides making a simple choice.

Breakup with Coleman or death?

“I watched him even then as he fell, his face undefeated, his eyes still proud” 

― Neil Gaiman, Preludes & Nocturnes
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, what did Tom do?

“I know, slept with a ***”

“PI Work”
Life is full of choices.

Tom leaves her and all incriminating evidence against him gets swept under the rug.

Tom doesn’t leave her?

Well let’s just hope the evidence reaches Coleman faster than the “pole technician” cleaners who value their paycheques.

“Pipe Cleaners”
“If you know someone’s fear, you know them.” 

― Victoria Aveyard, Red Queen
Attempting to sleep with God’s wife to be is considered attempted rape, therefore all Her ex’s are guilty before the law.

That includes you, Harry the Spy, unless She calls it off of course..

“League of Legends”
“Dr. Suess”

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