People don’t write just to help you…

They do it to help themselves as well, that’s what “sewing” is, creating content like continents.

Now “happiness” shouldn’t have to come to the “point’ of “stabbing” someone with a “needle” but due to sex, the pen, the mouse pointer, fingers, the law, lasers etc….?

We have no choice except the only two obvious choices in all of reality….

The sad way or happy way to go about life and truth plus whatever?

We will obviously come across sad ways but do we allow them to weaken us or strengthen us?

Guilt and worry are only negatives if you let them get the best of you which is why I portray light and darkness to prove that the “mental” shield is a real thing in terms of self as I create.

I can be mr romantic while mr heartless also as if it were a simple controlled switch through intoxication and other methods.

The power in life is in humanities hands but in terms of when they die?

That is in deaths hands, you go when you go so enjoy it while it lasts. ⁂

Isaiah 62:9

For those who harvest grain will eat it and praise the LORD, and those who gather grapes will drink the wine in Our holy courts.
Image result for devil angel of light quote
“We are always more afraid than we wish to be, but we can always be braver than we expect.”
― Robert Jordan, Lord of Chaos
Image result for super saiyan god gif
“Southern Style chicken”
Her: “God’s a dick, straight up”.
It wouldn’t be very feminist supporting of me to make the first move.

You wanna be like a man?

Be like a man and sweep me off my feet, simple.

“Truth or Dare”

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