The issues that other religious leaders have with me are quite simple.

They embrace strict enforcement of faith where as with me it’s more of a party.

God doesn’t want you to be all uptight and full of fear.

Just behave or else bad things happen because murder and rape are not good things to do in the first place.

I enforce the 10 Commandments so basically beyond those 10 simple rules?

I just want to have fun with everyone or no one if people don’t want to tag along in whatever way.

“The 10 Kingdoms of Love” ⁂ “Dirty 30, Dirty Dancing”

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You only live once?

*Laugh out Loud*
That’s one option.
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People complain about guns until one saves their life and or lives.

Really the gun doesn’t do shit but the people behind them do in which case had they not held that gun at that moment?

A person and/or people would not have been saved why?

Because the other person had a weapon also, or was bigger, or faster, or closer to the point of needing to pull the trigger to save a life/lives.

Which is why soldiers like police are necessary but what are we fighting for and protecting?

Human lives or big oil?

Nigeria or wherever along those lines needs actual help and not another oil rig or diamond mine type of thing, unless it actually helps them but from what I have heard when speaking to them online?

They are treated like shit meanwhile others are treated like gold.

Do people even realize how much a slice of pizza costs over there?

The point is sure they have the same things over there but like water and electricity?

Do they all have equal access to them or is it only tipped one way like the titanic after the iceberg?

Usually one way from what I have perceived in life so far.
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“Knitting and Knighting 101”

“Drinking and driving thoughts”

She be “Madd” if I steer people in the wrong direction, like say world war 3.
Hosea 4:10

They will eat but not be satisfied; they will be promiscuous but not multiply. For they have stopped obeying the LORD.

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