Them: Well if you’re also an Omnist and believe all religions are true then why try to push out Islam?

True or not I alongside many others simply don’t want them anywhere near us, our land and our future generations of children.

God always sticks with the winners and the winners don’t sit in the middle of barren dessert, no they sit on a continent full of natural resources like clean water.

So the choice is simple?

If you want to practice Islam?

Your designated sand box area is over there, appreciate all that “your Allah” has given you and fuck off.

*Points to the East* ⁂

“They will pay. I am the Lord of the Morning” 

― Robert Jordan, Lord of Chaos
Preferably just leave everyone alone unless they consent or make themselves a target otherwise but you get the point.
“The Devil made me do it”

It’s like yes your own stupid dick pulled that one off all by itself, you musta been knocked out cold during the moment of rape…

Drugs and Alcohol or her words plus moves didn’t make you do it either.

Your lack of self control did that all by itself which is ultimately on you.

Not me or God or Women but simply you.
“Baseball Cup”
Romans 9:5-7 Worldwide English (New Testament) (WE)

God will do what he said he would do. Not all who are Jews belong to the real Israel.

Not all the people in Abraham’s family are his children.

But the holy writings say, `It is Isaac’s family who will be called your family.’

This means that not all who were born in Abraham’s family are God’s children.

God promised Abraham a son [Isaac].

His children [the Jews] are the ones that God called Abraham’s true family.

“Crystal Ball”

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