Interstellar = Tin Dr. Stella “Beer”

International Stealer “Art Thief” and also Interest installer alongside international steel etc…

The point is that all truths can be found by breaking down words, things and self.

No different than how I play my blog like a story where it goes from light into darkness and back into light again followed by more darkness…

Since that is how evolution works otherwise there would be nothing to evolve if all was just light.

Meaning people didn’t think to create candles until they noticed the sun kept going down at night type of evolution.

Which is why awareness and monitoring your work is key for example…

I know that while creating if I have 3 beers or more?

I create darker imagery only to climb back out into light imagery as the alcohol takes it’s course through my system just like any drug, once you get passed that peak?

It’s usually smooth sailing from there. ⁂

Related image
At times I get stupid notions of maybe I shouldn’t have posted that and then I think…well of course I should have posted that, why not?

Is someone not gonna like me for it?

Why would I even care?

I am not gonna limit my Art because of how it appears to people, with that kind of logic we wouldn’t have most of the movies/stories we see today.

Basically what I am saying is treat all this as a story with lessons.
1 beer 2 beer 3 beer floor it passed the checkpoint.
Side note: My back tooth is hurting today, most likely because it’s rotting itself out.

Tylenol, weed and beer will solve the pain issue since the dentist wants an arm and leg to repair it which I cannot afford in one shot nor do I have desire to borrow that kind of money when the tooth can just simply die and fall out for free.

I’ve had worse pain so I simply think of that which makes this pain not so bad until the “meds” kick in, also known as numbing the mind and body which then includes the pain.
Me: That’s extremely accurate actually in multiple ways.

*sweet tooth when raided by sugar*
Me: So 5’2 fights aliens aye?

Her: Yeah so?

Me: What if you really are the alien pretending to fight aliens just to protect yourself by blending in?

Her: And now I am going to have to kill you for knowing too much.

Me: Finally.

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