Stars put on a “show”, politicians put on a show too….

But stars just put on a better show for me in a single showing than a combination of showings from politicians in real life.

If you want me to vote for you or have faith in you in order to assist you in whatever way?

I have to be able to love you because without it?

You are useless to me because you will never move me internally like others can. ⁂

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“When you are happy you can forgive a great deal.” 

― Diana Princess of Wales

“Put two and two together”
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“You either win or you die”

Well and/or dine with a deity, that’s my approach.
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Them: Rules to eating with the Queen of England.

Me: Skip it.

Them: Manners when around the Queen of England.

Me: Skip it, you know what in fact just get out, I’ll skim it all like I usually do.

“Skim Milk”
I provided the ultimate personal relationship with God for many years.

Now no educated person can say I do not exist, I’ve been here the “whole” time.

“Educated in terms of being aware of all the data available while agreeing to it as true due to the obviousnesses of all of it”

One would have to be deaf, blind and dumb in order to not perceive all that I am.
“For kings indeed we have, who wear the marks and assume the titles of royalty, but as for the qualities of their minds, they have nothing by which they are to be distinguished from their subjects.” 

― Plutarch, Plutarch’s Lives Volume 1

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