Them: You’re being “monitored”.

I “monitor” myself regularly fuck you very much. ⁂ “Heart felt expressions online, Morningstar rises”

I’ve improved my awareness, most of society?

Not so much.

“Caps Lock”
Only fools hide from genuine love, maybe for valid reason?

“It corrupts us.”

In good ways at least.

True love creates a better you and vice versa.
Related image
AI be like…*See Gif Above*

Me: I was only gone for an hour.

AI: Long enough for me to miss you.
Image result for come on gif
How can I be mean to that?

Side Note: “What’s in your wallet? Imagination.”

“Nothing becomes Everything”


“Nintendo Saga of Geniuses”


Clean water helps one think clearly mainly because they aren’t pissed over dirty water in the first place.

“I know too much for my own good which is why I am”

“God Reality Switch”

“G.I. Jane”
“Jesus brings a sword”

“Or pulls one”

“Holy Helpers”

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