You know where people sometimes get that mean streak?

Like a switch where suddenly the sparkling eyes drop and the monster within awakens causing a person to suddenly become the complete opposite of good self? “Lightning Strikes”

That’s the psychopath inside or the “Satan” if you will.

I feel the switch to the point of knowing it’s exact location, revenge.

As soon as I put myself into revenge mode?

Something else takes over alongside an adrenaline rush as if activating a killer instinct within on command now instead of just through random occurrence.

The mind is the person and the heart is the hands while the body is the keyboard/computer. ⁂

Just the same song and dance all over again, they say get a job.

I say I am too crazy to work a normal job.

They say think about it for 6 months more.

Moral of this never ending story?

Make me an offer I cannot refuse because I alone cannot decide for myself, only for others.
Queen be like, I’ll make you governor general like the ones you despise so much.
“What drains your spirit drains your body. What fuels your spirit fuels your body.” 

― Carolyn Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit

“Alcohol and Marijuana”
Related image
“Letter Pipelines”

“Jacob’s Ladder”
“Chaos is a ladder”
Image result for clara oswald elevens the best quote
“California, Notre Dam”

“Calling for yeah and not giving a damn”

This is personal.

“Pro Tip”

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