If I was just 10% as passionate about life as I am about her?

I’d be rich by now but instead life became a place for me to end myself until we crossed paths and I was awakened into a new light where now I simply enjoy creating for her and others as a result of what she supports in life which supports others.

It’s like a web effect, you have the centre point where the spider keeps its prey except each venomous bite actually spreads life throughout the whole web instead of poison. ⁂

Elizabeth’s days are coming to an end so the only Queen I see is Queen Jenna Louise Coleman.


Just like that I am now technically a traitor for Queen Coleman due to being on Canadian soil which is England’s land still, for now.

Since obviously if I am willing to commit treason already, what’s separation plus impeachment of my own Prime Minister at this point?

Treason is a death penalty either way so might as well go big, go home or accept a peace agreement of sorts since I am not unreasonable I simply have my beliefs just like anybody else.
“A pattern that is all one color is no pattern.” 

― Robert Jordan, The Dragon Reborn

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