It’s just so funny to me because I just love to have fun in whatever way….

So here I am trying to simply be myself while promoting that in others alongside a story type element to make the education/experience more entertaining like in Mrs. Doubtfire.

But then these very same types of people who claim to do so as well?

Promote their own way while blocking mine completely out of fear of losing theirs, or reporting mine or calling me racist for making jokes that normally I make in person with my multicultural friends.

Why is the supposed “law” online in some areas harsher than it is outside in Canada like it is in other parts of the world as well?

Outside people just call me crazy and ignore me while allowing me to be me, online I get “jailed”.

The funniest part is that they only call me crazy outside around friends as one on one it’s always ok which is whatever, I completely understand.

So that is why I created my thoughts online so that they can closet peak at it, like a book.

No different than a guilty pleasure, you wanna be happy thinking the same way but you wanna keep your friends plus job unlike me who doesn’t have that kind of worry in my life.

That should be publicly available for everyone while being up to them to decide whether they choose to read/experience it or not.

People in my life moved on in their own ways meanwhile I still want to have fun so I reach out in other ways to find people who just love to role play and entertain ideas.

Is there little to no honour among artists as well?

Is united artists just another business name run by the illuminati which demands money for their respect like every other asshole in government so far?

It’s like they offer free safe spaces meanwhile I am constantly forced to pay for mine.

All I can say in the end is that I pray for the good people like me in the world as something needs to happen to the ones getting in the way in the wrong ways for the wrong reasons.

I want people to be allowed to laugh and have fun, they want people to be miserable.

Light and dark in a box. ā‚

Image result for so there i was meme
See perfect example right here.

They want me to feel sorry for other meanwhile they ban me for being myself?

Fuck others then at that point, I hope that baby dies now.

I am not going to sacrifice my character just to support some border baby.

I will simply support the border baby while being myself.

That is what Zuckerberg like many other degenerates cannot seem to fathom nor care why?


If you are not yourself?

You are someone else.

Hence the name being Micheal on this blog to nail that point harder finally.
I’m laughing and having fun, how is any of this hate?

The only hate I see is people blocking me.
I promote staying at home and enjoying yourself online, that’s not a crime nor to much to ask out of life considering how it is in most cases.
When people pay money for entertainment it’s ok but when it’s offered for free they get offended by taking it personally suddenly?

What’s the difference between people on t.v and normal people outside?

We all like to put on a show in our own ways.

Why are they privileged and we are not?

In short?

Bottom line is?

I’ll promote anything and anyone if they make me an offer I cannot refuse because it’s actually something I want in life.

Or they can always ask, that’s a simple option too. lol

I love the media world.

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