The Social Media world is meant to be like a need for speed world…

Mainly so that we do not seek those same fixes outside on the streets causing actual issues besides offending people.

Go be offended outside or preferably not at all.

Either way inside is all about love, sex, drugs, rock and roll and whatever floats our boats. ⁂

I don’t monitor the place persay in terms of judging people, I simply play along with whatever and whoever is willing to at the time.
Life is supposed to be about fun because it’s very short lived regardless of age.

That means all fun and not just one person’s fun.
I am doing what they do like what others do in my very own way.

Why am I always punished for it?

I don’t even commit crimes anymore.

Fuck I sound like Russia now, It was only Crimea!!! lmfao.
I like women, I like sex and I never have cheated nor would ever cheat on one during a relationship but in between?

If I wanna be mr playboy that’s my choice.

I promote women’s rights and pro-choice stuff but I also want my peace on Earth as well.

World peace means individual peace for all otherwise it’s simply tyranny for one and heaven for the other.
Image result for problem solved gif
Exactly it’s that fucking simple to create heaven on Earth if people simply align with positive people like me instead of negative people like whoever, there’s too many of them to remember at this point.

I focus on creating a better world so I have little to no time to focus on the negative ones.
“To be a full lover is to become a healer to yourself and then help another heal their self.” 

― Shalom Melchizedek, Cosmic Sexuality
It may be in another language but you get the point, lmfao.

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